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Supply G24 2pin led corn bulb light

for meet market demand, our led corn bulb can do G24 2pin base & G24 4pin base,check the above picture, till now, our G24 led corn bulb can do from  5W to 30W, replace saving energy light from PLC-10W to PLT-57W. normally. our G24 led corn bulb light can  Replacement for the Fluorescent PL Lamp and CFL for indoor lighting or garden lights. below attached our 15W G24 led corn bulb detail draft

New built-in driver LED Downlights

New led downlight are produced, it is with built-in driver. please check the below downlight draft. for this series downlight, it is with very competitive price and we have 4 different size/ wat for  choose .  it is D90*H55/75mm holes, 5W  D115*H60/90mm holes,  9w , D140*H65/110mm holes , 12W,  D190*H70/150mm holes ,18W

G24 led PL lamp Replacement CFL tubes

     G24 led PL lamp  is extremely energy efficient,normally,Retro-Fit Replacement for the Fluorescent PL Lamp, Replacement list 5W PL(yc-ypl-5)            replace  to           10W PLC tube 7W PL(yc-ypl-7)             replace  to          13W PLC tube 9W PL (yc-ypl-9)            replace  to          18W PLC tube 11W PL (yc- ypl-9)         replace   to          26W PLC tube  length [...]

G24 LED PL Lamp type

   led pl lamp are extremely energy efficient and  greatly reduce our energy can last up to 50,000 hours ,then we can save so much maintain fee and cost. beacuse of high efficiency, low wattage means high brightness. Luminous Efficiency can reach 100 lm/w which is more higher than the tradational CFL For meet our customer type needed,www.  can  Supply E27,GX23,G23,G23-2,G24D-1-2-3; G24Q-1-2-3;GX24D-1-2-3-4; GX24Q-1-2-3-4  for our PL light, check the below type picture Remark: G23 means distance of 2 pin is 23MM and only with 2 pin in [...]

IP Rating for LED light

LED Lighting IP and Waterproof Rating    The “IP Rating” is a code for the “International Protection Rating” or “Ingress Protection Rating” that defines the level of protection that electrical appliances (like LED light bulbs) provide against the intrusion of solid objects or dust, accidental contact, and water.   The IP rating is expressed as IPNN with “N” being numbers. For example, you may find a LED lighting product on the EagleLight website that has an “IP” Rating of 65.     [...]

What’s COB LED?

What’s COB LED COB LED means chip on board LED, it’s one of bare chip technologies, which interconnect bare chip to substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection. COB package is attach number of chips directly to the substrate, then packaged together by silica gel, epoxy resin or other materials, the yellow part is phosphor.   Produce process: The first step of COB package is to cover wafer placement point on the substrate surface [...]