Are Solar LED street Lights any Good?

Are Solar LED street Lights any Good? It is now an accepted fact worldwide that LEDs consume less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs. It is also a fact that solar rays from the sun are a permanent energy source if they can be economically harvested. With technological advancement in solar panels and the amount of money spent on their R&D, it is safe to assume that solar light energy is here to stay as their costs are going downhill. Solar [...]

what is led corn light and how to replace PLC compact lamp

what is the led corn light? led  corn light bulb are designed for replacement to PLC compact fluorescent lamp and high intensity discharge lamp. due to make up of the large quantity led and the appearance resembles a corn bulb, we call it led corn light bulb led corn light bulb picture  led corn lamp application E27 sockets & G24 2pin & G24 4pin & B22 sockets & E14 sockets are meet  for our corn bulb, then. our led corn bulb can widely [...]

What is led downlight

What is led downlight? The LED downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling and is light-emitting to the downside form the ceiling. LED downlights are directional lighting fixtures, only its opposite side can be lighted. YCLED is a China LED DOWNRIGHT MANUFACTURER . The surface of LED downright can receive light, the beam angle of it is concentrated, the light is concentrated, and the contrast between light and dark is strong. LED downright More prominent objects, [...]

LED Ceiling light vs downlight,difference between LED ceiling light and LED downlight

What is the difference between a LED ceiling light and a LED downlight? As a china led lights manufacturer , we would like to introduce you the “LED Ceiling light vs downlight”, here we make a compassion. LED Ceiling light vs downlight, Different installation locations The difference between a ceiling light and a downlight is the location of the installation. Downlights are usually installed in either clear or concealed ways. However, no matter which way they are installed, they are usually placed [...]

Supply G24 2pin led corn bulb light

led corn lamp is mixed corn lamp virtue(360 degree emiting)and market demand(G24 2pin & G24 4pin base),easy and perfect to meet market request and perfect replacement for emergecy  Fluorescent PLC lamp Led corn lamp picture For meet market demand, our led corn lamp can offer all kinds of the base type, for example,G24 2pin base & G24 4pin base & E27 base, & E14 base & b22 base, till now, the supply wat for led corn bulb is  from  5W to 30W, replace saving energy light from PLC-10W to PLT-57W. normally. our G24 led [...]

New built-in driver LED Downlights E27 lamp socket

led downlights ,built-in driver. accept all kinds Customized.socket wire, E27 lamp socket, Dimmable and three color adjustable led downlights dimensions till now, we have 4 different size / wat for choose, they are: D90*H55/75mm holes, 5W , D115*H60/90mm holes,  9w , D140*H65/110mm holes , 12W,  D190*H70/150mm holes ,18W Funcation as for the function.dimmable or NON dimmable,isolate driver,linear driver,color control with memory function. all can be customized. Detail introduce and more picture Service 3 years after-sales warranty & NO min order quantity restrict & faster produce time and quickly response led downlight [...]

G24 led PL lamp Replacement CFL tubes

     G24 PL led lamp  is extremely energy efficient,normally,Retro-Fit Replacement for the Fluorescent PL Lamp, Replacement list for G24 PL led lamp 5W PL(yc-ypl-5)            replace  to           10W PLC tube 7W PL(yc-ypl-7)             replace  to          13W PLC tube 9W PL (yc-ypl-9)            replace  to          18W PLC tube 11W PL (yc- ypl-9)         replace   to     [...]

G24 LED PL Lamp type

  G24 base type of led pl lamp are extremely energy efficient and  greatly reduce our energy can last up to 50,000 hours ,then we can save so much maintain fee and cost. beacuse of high efficiency, low wattage means high brightness. Luminous Efficiency can reach 100 lm/w which is more higher than the tradational CFL. For meet our customer type needed,yi can lighting factory  can  all kinds of G24 base PL lamp.such as GX23,G23,G23-2,G24D-1-2-3; G24Q-1-2-3;GX24D-1-2-3-4; GX24Q-1-2-3-4  ,for our PL lamp, check the below type [...]

IP Rating for LED light

LED Lighting IP Rating    led lighting IP rating- “IP Rating” is a code for the “International Protection Rating” or “Ingress Protection Rating” ,which is defines the level of protection that electrical appliances, provide against the intrusion of solid objects or dust, accidental contact, and water.    The IP rating is expressed as IPNN with “N” being numbers. For example, you may find a LED lighting product on the EagleLight website that has an “IP” Rating of 65.     The level [...]