Are Solar LED street Lights any Good?

Are Solar LED street Lights any Good?

Are Solar LED street Lights any Good?

It is now an accepted fact worldwide that LEDs consume less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs. It is also a fact that solar rays from the sun are a permanent energy source if they can be economically harvested. With technological advancement in solar panels and the amount of money spent on their R&D, it is safe to assume that solar light energy is here to stay as their costs are going downhill. Solar panels are now a part of the external home structure in several developed nations.

Nowadays, solar street lights are flooding up in many nooks and corners of busy junctions during the night to control crimes and motor accidents. It has considerably increased traffic as more people, especially women and children, can walk through the streets without fear of assault by gangs. You can browse the internet, and if you click here at, you get some unique collections of highly economical solar lighting systems.

Advantages of Solar Harnessed Lightings

As stated earlier, LEDs consume less energy and provide quality enhancing flood rays wherever they fall. It means that more light is generated with one bulb than traditional lamp posts. In other words, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and produces 90% more efficient light than incandescent light bulbs. Again, the disbursement of rays is wider, so larger areas are lighted up.

Apart from this, the light produced is flicker-free and cool and causes no eye pain, strains, headaches, or color variations. The solar street lights doesn’t make any heat. If you purchase high-quality solar lights from a reputed company like the above, then you will find the quality and rate of dispersion of light are significantly enhanced. The quality of the battery is also par excellence and light up the area for two full nights even if the sun is hidden in dark clouds.

If you buy a solar floodlight from the above site, it will be cheaper than other competitors as the same is made in China. However, unlike fluorescent bulbs, solar lights are more expensive, yet you can easily recover the cost after a while. It is essentially a one-time investment and requires very little maintenance.

Environmental Friendly Solar Panel Lightings

Nowadays, most street lights are fitted with solar panels as they last for a long time and do not produce any pollution. Hence, they are pretty safe for the environment and possess no hazards. Again, it doesn’t require any extensive wiring. If there is wiring, it is limited to the area connecting the solar panels with the battery beneath.

You can purchase a solar street lights from the above site to keep your compound and garden lighted up during the night. It will indeed be a wonderful sight. You may contact the staff and get details about the prices, and there are pictures on the site that give you a glimpse of the quality products.

You will find that you can install them with the help of your local electricians. It is noteworthy that you will also get reduced energy bills if you replace the older fluorescent compound light.