what is led corn light and how to replace PLC compact lamp

what is led corn light and how to replace PLC compact lamp

what is the led corn light?

led corn light bulb are designed for replacement to PLC compact fluorescent lamp and high intensity discharge lamp. due to make up of the large quantity led and the appearance resembles a corn bulb, we call it led corn light bulb

led corn light bulb picture

led corn lightled corn lampled corn bulb

led corn lamp application

E27 sockets & G24 2pin & G24 4pin & B22 sockets & E14 sockets are meet for our corn bulb, then. our led corn bulb can widely used to replace the Fluorescent PL lamp & CFL for indoor lighting & garden lighs or other lamps

install led corn lamp

How to install it

it is very easy to install it. if E27 & E14 sockets.only screwing , if G24 2pin & G24 4pin or B22 sockets, please insert it directly,

point for attention

when install, please remove /bypass the ballast if they have it

make sure the led corn light bulb size can be fit for the fixture

How to Replace the PLC compact lamp

1.PLC compact lamp picture

PLC compact lamp

2.compare the relative data between led corn bulb to PLC compact lamp

(for easy to understand,taken 5W corn lamp example)

led corn lamp PLC compact lamp

1. working wat: 5W 1. : 10w

2.size:D41*115mm 2. D27.1*117.4mm

3.emiting angle: 360 degree 3: 360 degree

4.base type: G24 2pin 4. : G24 2pin

5.voltage: ac85-265v/50-60hz 5.230v/110v/50-60hz

6.lumens: 500-600lm 6.600lm(based on cool white)

7.lifetime: 30 000 hours 7. 8000 hours

through compare, we can said 5W led corn light can replace 10W PLC compare lamp

Replacement suggestion

led corn light bulb Replacement PLC compare lamp

5w replace 10W

7w replace 13w

9w replace 18w

11w replace 18w or 26w

13w replace 26w

15w replace 32w

20w replace 42w

30w replace 57w

Color temperature choose

no any rules for choose color, all by customer preference, here list our choice suggestion

the range for color temprature is from 2800K to 6500K

1.2800K-3200K, we called warm white, normally, it is used for house or restaurants , the purpose is that create a softer more relaxing environment

2.4000K-4500K, called natural white, normally. it is used for business and other working area. such as office, because natural white also called daylight color

3.6000-6500k, always called cool white, normally. it is used for large spacs or outdoor,