LED Ceiling light vs downlight,difference between LED ceiling light and LED downlight

LED Ceiling light vs downlight,difference between LED ceiling light and LED downlight

What is the difference between a LED ceiling light and a LED downlight? As a china led lights manufacturer , we would like to introduce you the “LED Ceiling light vs downlight”, here we make a compassion.

LED Ceiling light vs downlight, Different installation locations

The difference between a ceiling light and a downlight is the location of the installation. Downlights are usually installed in either clear or concealed ways. However, no matter which way they are installed, they are usually placed on the edge of the ceiling. This kind of mosaic lamp is always hidden in the corners of the edge. Above, the projected light is directed downwards, and can be used with different bulbs, reflectors, shutters and other external components to increase the projection effect of the downlight, occupying a relatively small space and belonging to the kind of space atmosphere. And the ceiling light? The variety of ceiling lamps is varied, but most of them are used for indoor decoration. The most important one is the use of LED ceiling lamps. The decorative effect of the ceiling lamps is warm and romantic in the bedroom.

Ceiling light vs downlight
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Different types

Strictly speaking, the ceiling lamp is a type of downlight. The downlight is generally an energy-saving lighting product. The main function of the ceiling lamp is to decorate. There is also a new LED light source to increase the brightness of the ceiling lamp. Efficiency plays a role of energy saving and environmental protection. The difference between the ceiling light and the downlight is that the difference in function is that the ceiling light is mainly decorative, and the down light is mainly used as a lighting function. Because of the different roles and characteristics, the function of use will be different. Make a change. search for

Different light-emitting carriers

The difference in the luminous carrier is the biggest difference for Ceiling light vs downlight. Why? Since the downlights of the downlights are all LED energy-saving light sources, the light bulbs are used as light carriers, and the ceiling light is different. The decorative effect of the ceiling light is relatively strong because the internal light bulbs are used as the power source. The carrier, which is the biggest difference between the two in terms of structure and nature, in fact there are many differences between the ceiling light and the downlight, such as the installation method, what kind of installation methods, etc., more or less have Something to distinguish. No matter if it is a ceiling light or a down light, it is the main fixture of modern home improvement main materials.