G24 led PL lamp Replacement CFL tubes

     G24 PL led lamp  is extremely energy efficient,normally,Retro-Fit Replacement for the Fluorescent PL Lamp,

Replacement list for G24 PL led lamp

5W PL(yc-ypl-5)            replace  to           10W PLC tube

7W PL(yc-ypl-7)             replace  to          13W PLC tube

9W PL (yc-ypl-9)            replace  to          18W PLC tube

11W PL (yc- ypl-9)         replace   to          26W PLC tube

 length compare pictureG24 pl -replace CFL replacement reason

1.  Led G24 PL light can supply G23 & G24 2pin & Gx24 base. is same base type with CFL

2. higher energy efficient. each 100 lumens/w

3. Extruded aluminum housing for thermal heat management and longer lifetime with 3 years warranty

4.180 degree emitting and with rotate base type which can adjust the emitting angle following our needed, meanwhile aviod the lumens waste

(CFL is 360 degree emitting, when install in fixture, only 180 degree emitting is valuable,then. waste 50% luments. that is why we said 5W led pl lamp can replace 10W CFL lamp)

5. led G24 PL lamp is same length as CFL(check the above picture)