G24 LED PL Lamp type

  G24 base type of led pl lamp are extremely energy efficient and  greatly reduce our energy costs.it can last up to 50,000 hours ,then we can save so much maintain fee and cost. beacuse of high efficiency, low wattage means high brightness. Luminous Efficiency can reach 100 lm/w which is more higher than the tradational CFL.

For meet our customer type needed,yi can lighting factory  can  all kinds of G24 base PL lamp.such as GX23,G23,G23-2,G24D-1-2-3; G24Q-1-2-3;GX24D-1-2-3-4; GX24Q-1-2-3-4  ,for our PL lamp, check the below type picture

PL g23 g24 type

Remark: G23 means distance of 2 pin is 23MM and only with 2 pin in middle line

G24, there are G24 2 pin, G24 4PIN.

G24 2pin, means distance of 2 pin is 24MM and with 2 pin in diagonal line

G24 4PIN, even more 2 pin than G24 2PIN, but, the more 2 pin is only for fixation, not connect with the driver line. also we can said, remove this 2 pin is not effect the lamp works

G24Q and G24d, the different is with the bayonet position.

check the following bayonet position picture(G24 base)

bayonet position

the detail for the G24D-1-2-3; G24Q-1-2-3;GX24D-1-2-3-4; GX24Q-1-2-3-4, please check the above picture, then, we can found out the different