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our G24 PL is same length as the corresponding PLC

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Offer 3 years warranty and Free technical support when during to using the goods

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G24 led PL lamp Replacement CFL tubes

     G24 led PL lamp  is extremely energy efficient,normally,Retro-Fit Replacement for the Fluorescent PL Lamp, Replacement list 5W PL(yc-ypl-5)         [...]

G24 LED PL Lamp type

   led pl lamp are extremely energy efficient and  greatly reduce our energy can last up to 50,000 hours ,then we can [...]

IP Rating for LED light

LED Lighting IP and Waterproof Rating    The "IP Rating" is a code for the "International Protection Rating" or "Ingress [...]

launched a new website

We're launched a new website 18th auguest.2016, We're launched a new website, in new website, it detailed introduced our new goods & popular [...]

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