EVG T5 led lamps designed to retrofit linear flourescent lamps

evg t5(led ballast compatible t5 tube) parameters in LED retrofit tubes are designed exactly the same as traditional FL, just with better LED light engine inside. Believe it or not. It is no need to have compatibility list in place for their use. There is also no liquid capacitor and built-in driver when working , the LED retrofit tube can not only achieve highest compatibility, but also have excellent performance in safety, reliability and energy-saving.

EVG T5 led lamp Product specifications

1.Lumens Per Watt: up to 110 lm/W 2.Volts: Ballast Dependent
3.CRI: >80 4.Color Temperature: 2700K~6500K
5.Dimmable: Yes, when work with LED driver 6.Base Type: G5 Miniature Bi-Pin
7. Clear/Frosted Cover: Clear or Frosted 8.Material: AL+PC
9.Beam Angle: 140° 10.Driver: compatible ballast
11.Rated Hours: 50,000hours

12.Certifications: CE( EMC, RoHS, LVD), including EN 62776:2015

Electronic ballast compatible led tube replacement

T5 HE Retrofit LED tube EVG

1.9w 2ft retrofit( replace 14w HE FT) 2.13w 3ft retrofit (replace 21w HE FT)

3.18w 4ft retrofit (replace 28w HE FT) 4.21w 5ft retrofit (replace 35w HE FT)

T5 HO Retrofit LED tube EVG:

1.12w 2ft retrofit( replace 24w HO/HF FT) 2.18w 3ft retrofit( replace 39w HO/HF FT)

3.30w 4ft retrofit( replace 54w HO /HF FT) 4.28w 5ft retrofit( replace 49w HO FT)

5.40w 5ft retrofit( replace 80w HO/HF FT)

Test picture for EVG T5


electronic ballast compatible brand for EVG T5

philps & osram & GE & tridonic & OPPLE & FSL & NVC & PAK & NEC & Helvar ,3AA BALLAST,KEYSTONE & BB and so on


1.easy to install. directly to replace, no need to remove the ballast or bypass the ballast

2.shorter produce time: only 3 days

3.Min order quantity: 2 pcs

4.nearlly compatible all ballast

5.longer warranty for EVG t5. offer 3 years

install step

easy of use direct replace


office,school,factory,supermarket ,home indoor lighting ,underground garage lighting engineering, underground parking lot lighting engineering, lighting engineering, hospital garage lighting engineering, Banks and so on.

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