led flood lights 100w with 5 years warranty

led flood lights 100W is using MW driver and philps SMD3030 led to produce, offer 5 years warranty


the led flood lights 100w outputs 12000lm+ lumens making it the perfect replacement for comparable halogen or metal halide floodlights,the high effieciency of led flood lights makes 50% to 80% more efficient than convertional flood lighting equivaluents

led flood lights 100w (philps SMD3030 led)

1.material is Die- casting Alu+toughened glass 2.led Qty: philps 3030 led, 100pcs
3. waterproof garde:IP65 4.high lumens: reach 120-130LM/W
5.Optional frame color: black frame 6.driver brand : MW driver

7.product size: 345*295*60mm. 8.CRI: 80 with high PF: 0.9

Led flood lights comparison tables

many people don’t know what wattage led flood lights will replace their current lighing options they have in their home and business,below table are designed to help you that with deilemma,showed you exactly what led flood lights you showed get to replace your current light fittings

led flood lights conventional flood lights energy savings

led flood lights 10w 100w halogen 90%

led flood lights 20w 150w halogen 86%

led flood lights 30w 250w halogen 88%

led flood lights 50w 350w halogen 85%

led flood lights 100w 500w halogen 80%


1.longer lifetime: 50 000 hours 2.longer warranty: offer 3 years & 5 years & 7 years

3.No UV or IR radiation 4.Energy-saving and environment-friendly

5. smaller Min order quantity: 1 pcs 6.more faster lead time: 2-4 days

7.more convenient payment: T/T or western union or paypal

led flood lights 100w drawing

led flood lights 100w

internal structure picture(led flood lights 100w)

Detail for SMD 80w led floodlight Detail for SMD flood light


1.the install postion must have enough load capacity, normally. the load capacity is more three times than floodlights weight, for example, the led flood lights 100w., N.W is 4KG, then, the load capacity >12 KG

2.the working voltage for led floodlights is 230V, belong to high voltage alternating current, when install, need to keep them far away from the person and must do good in ground line

3.keep good heat dissipation surroundings


widely used, for example, the mall ,the exhibition hall, parking lot,playground,stadium,billboard, park,sculpture,green lighting project,building facade,public corridor,stairway aisle

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