11w G24 led pl lamp(YC-YPL-11)

11w G24 led pl lamp(YC-YPL-11)

11W G24 led pl lamp is same length as 26W CFLS, reach 1150lm,can replace 26W CFLS

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  • 11w G24 led pl lamp(YC-YPL-11)
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11W G24 led pl lamp is same length with 26W CFL, 110lm/w,prefect to replace CFL 26W

11w G24 led pl lamp(yc-ypl-11)

1. Base type: E27,G23.G24
2. Input voltage: Ac100-240v
3. Led type: SMD2835 0.5w 55-60lm
4. Led quantity: 24pcs led
5. Size:172*34mm
6.Luminous Flux: 950-1150LM


Adantages for 11W G24 led pl聽lamp

1. One for one driver supply
2. Warranty: 3 years
3. Rotate the base type.
4. same length as for the 26W CFL, easy for replace CFL 26W

5. same length as the 26w FCL

Description: 11
w G24 2 pin聽
Special designed for indoor lighting
EPISTAR (Taiwan) LED. CRI(Ra)>80, high output efficiency up to about 120Lm/W
Good heat dissipation (Patented designed Aluminum Radiator), instant on no UV/IR radiation, no blinking, isolated power, impact resistance
Directly replace CFL lamp without refitting the original light, replaced wattage up to nearly triple

G24 led PL lamp replacement
g24 led pl lamp


1. Hg & UV free.
2. Quick response, reach the peak brightness within 0.5s.
3. Match with wide voltage. Work stably between voltage fluctuations from 85V-265V/AC.
4. Isolated constant current power supply, the output voltage is less than 36V, users are absolute safety.
5. Replace the traditional lamp with inductance ballast, without changing any circuit of the building.
6. Wide angle rotatable base, assure the possibility of multi-direction of the lamp.
7.high temperature resistant, flame retardant, anti ageing and uv radiation, durable, safe and reliable. Silica gel and elastic plastic cannot be match for PBT.
8. Cast AL Shell, resist electromagnetic interference.Quickly passed out the heat generated by the LED and power,greatly reduce components ageing and prolong lights lifespan.
9. Taiwan A-class chips,high light and stable; light efficiency>120LM/W.
10. ESD: more than 4000v.

aging picture
PL 0000


Paper box or color box or special package (according to customers’ requirement).

The customers should pay all moulds and tools charges for special package.

application聽for G24 led pl lamp

Directly replace CFL lamp without refitting the original right, suitable for general lighting in such places as homes, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, lobbies and for other commercial lighting usage

11W 聽size: 34*172mm. 聽same as 26W CFLS

105lm/W,reach 1150lm,

G24 聽2pin /G24 4pin/E27 /G23 are available

11w led pl lamp are replace 26W CFLS

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