11W 360 degree anti-glare Led corn bulb light (YC-YM-11)

11W 360 degree anti-glare Led corn bulb light (YC-YM-11)

our corn light is 360°emitting and can G24 2pin & G24 4pin base type,available clear & diffusion cover

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   E27 led corn bulb is manufacture by 6063 high quality pure aluminum and G20 environmental protection PBT material,and using high safety perormance isolation power source,approved Emc,the biggest advantage is anti glare

11W 360 degree e27 Led corn bulb light (YC-YM-11)

1.model mo:YC-YM-11                                      2. working wattage: 11W

3.led chip: Epistar from taiwan                      4.led source: SMD2835 led

5.lumens: 1100lm                                               6.emiting angle: 360degree

7.availabe base: E27 & G24 2pin & G24 4pin & B22

8.color: warm white & neutral white & cool white

9.material: Alu alloy + PBT

10.cover: clear cover & diffusion cover

Different base & cover  picture

corn light


led corn lamp structure

E27 led corn bulb


*The biggest characteristics for this series is anti-glaring, high brightness,low attenuation,long life;

*The Heat Sink is Manufactured from 6063 High Quality pure Aluminum ;

*The lamp body plastic part adopts G20 environmental protection PBT material;

*Lens with light diffusion environment protection PC material,Flame retardant, resistance to temperature ≥130℃;

* Driver : High safety performance isolation power source,approved EMC,The output voltage is less than 36V,Very safe to human body;

* Colour temperature:2800-3000k; 4000-4500K; 6000-6500K;

*The base can be choose: E27,E26,B22,E14,GX23,G23,G23-2,G24D-1-2-3; G24Q-1-2-3;GX24D-1-2-3-4; GX24Q-1-2-3-4; check the below base picture

base type cornlight

warranty::3 years


11w led corn light replace 18W PLT(need remove the ballast or bypass the ballast)

produce time and delivery information

  1. produce time:5-7 working days
  2. MOQ: 4 pcs
  3. delivery: by sea/DHL/fedex

Payment information

by 100% T/T & western union & paypal


Great Energy Efficient Retro-Fit Replacement for the Fluorescent PL Lamp and CFL for indoor lighting or garden lights.


corn light case (2)

360°corn light

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